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Carmela's Corner: January 14th

Happy New Year! For those who don’t know me, I am Carmela Rea, founder and CEO of EggFund. My mission in starting EggFund was to help hopeful parents build the families of their dreams. Part of that mission is to ensure you have access to the latest news about assisted reproductive technologies, financial wellness, fertility, and more. So each Friday, I am going to pop into my little corner of the internet and share a few links I found helpful or interesting that week. Here’s what I thought worth your time from this week:

Hosted by the brilliant Julia Karol, Stork’d is a wonderful podcast where the idea of family is dissected, discussed and redefined. Full disclosure, I am featured on the episode linked above, we talk about my journey to motherhood and to starting EggFund. However, there is not a bad episode in the bunch. You can do what I did when I discovered the Pod: start from the most recent episode and work your way back.

Genetic testing is a complex - and expensive - option for those going through fertility treatments. It can feel truly overwhelming at times. I found this article to be an interesting, and digestible, introduction to the world of PGT testing. For those who are a bit more well-versed in the world of PGT, I also believe there’s enough heft in this article to widen your PGT knowledge base.

Written by Sarah Banks, a fertility life coach, this article is an honest, yet motivational, look at how we can all get back in touch with who we are no matter where we may be on the fertility rollercoaster.

As always, if you are interested in learning more about EggFund you can do so here.

What type of content are you really into these days? Let me know in the comments!

All my best,

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