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The first and largest fertility financing platform

We help the 1 in 6 Americans with infertility afford their dream of having a baby.

Affordable Fertility Loans

IVF  |  Egg Freezing  |  Adoption  |  Surrogacy

Why EggFund? 




Use with any doctor, clinic, agency & pharmacy

Loans up to $250,000

25 national lenders in our network means more chances and more choices for you

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"As my husband and I take the journey with IVF we had to come up with ways to cover the costs insurance did not. We are lucky enough to have extra funds each month to pay back a loan but, due to our ages, we did not have the time to save for IVF. EggFund Inc. made it possible for us to compare our options and finance our IVF journey! Thank you!"

 - Gabby

Our Story
EggFund was founded by an infertility sufferer, who experienced first hand the high cost and stress of treatment. Her mission to make  the process more affordable and less stressful for those who came after her, led to the creation of EggFund.   
EggFund is a unique platform with the largest network of leading national lenders.  Get matched with your pre-approved offers in 60 seconds
Checking your loan offers does not negatively impact your credit score. Once you choose an offer and formally apply with a lender, then your credit score will be effected.
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Infertility is Expensive
Usually, the total cost is not clear. Find out more about national average costs for IVF, egg freezing, adoption and surrogacy.
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