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Who is EggFund?

Founded to help the 1 in 6 Americans with infertility afford their dream of having a baby.


EggFund is the first and largest fertility financing platform.


Founded in New York City. Nurtured by the prestigious Founder Institute startup incubator. 

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Carmela Rea
Founder & CEO

Carmela understands first hand the challenges of infertility. It's unpredictable, with no budget, no schedule or guarantees of success. In the beginning, you have no idea how much you will spend. In the end, you spend much more than you thought. 


She recognized that the cost would prohibit many people from chasing the same dream. She envisions a world, where having a family is attainable for all who wish for one.


Prior to founding EggFund, Carmela was the president of a global media company. She left her position to start EggFund.

She lives in CT with her daughter, Elisabeth and her husband, Geoff.

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