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Carmela's Corner 5/13

I’m going to be honest with you, I have been having a difficult time writing this week’s corner. There are so many frustrating, disheartening and often confusing developments that affect us even without our having a say in it. Especially recently with the seemingly inevitable overturn of Roe v Wade, and its negative effect on A.R.T. I have been working on writing something breaking some of this all down, but want to ensure I get the most up to date and accurate information to you all. So that will likely arrive some time in the next week. Until then, take a deep breath and exhale while I present some stories of folks you may recognize who battled infertility.

This is a fairly comprehensive list, featuring everyone from reality stars to a former First Lady. Infertility is often seen as a private matter. A taboo. Something that makes others uncomfortable. For that reason and many others, I am always thankful when I see women like Sarah Jessica Parker discussing their infertility stories.

While maybe not a household name, Chloe Melas’ infertility journey is one many, I’m sure, can relate to. She and her husband continue to be open and honest about what they went through after first revealing they had trouble in 2018.

A Podcast about the “reality of infertility” that dives into what several reality stars wished they had known before trying to get pregnant.

Be well and do what you need to do to take care of YOU this weekend.

We’re here for you and we’re rooting for you,

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