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You’re on your way to helping even more families achieve their dreams.

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Grow your practice: Get more patients into treatment + Save 

EggFund shares your goal of getting more people the treatment they need to have the family of their dreams.


EggFund is the first and largest fertility financing platform. Our easy-to-use, multi-lender patient-financing platform  means more patients get the financing they need to start treatment. One simple application allows your patients to prequalify for financing offers in real time, without it affecting their credit. 


Get more patients financed and able to start treatment with NO ADMIN, so you can spend more time helping patients.

Why choose EggFund for your practice?

  • Proven: We are the first and largest fertility financing platform

  • Trusted: Infertility survivor-founded, mission-driven to build more families by getting more people affording it

  • More patients are eligible, even those without perfect credit 

  • No Work for your staff. There is no Administration.  We fund the patient, they pay you to start treatment

  • No Network to join

  • LOW FLAT FEE:  don't pay up to 10% when you can pay EggFund one low flat fee

  • Patients funded in as little as 24 hours

Loan Features for Patient:
  • Financing up to $250,000

  • We cover any + all aspects of the journey

  • Minimum credit score of 600 required

  • Provides funds directly to patients

If you are a patient looking to get a loan or want more information about our loans, please visit our Fertility Loans page.
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