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Carmela's Corner: 4/22

We are just days away from the start of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). A week dedicated to changing the conversation surrounding infertility. We are super excited to participate this year through the 5 day challenge. If you plan to participate, we would love if you could tag us on Instagram and we’ll share your posts as well. Below we will highlight some NIAW resources, but we wanted to start with some exciting news in the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology!

Though this research is from New Zealand and Australia, it is heartening news to anyone going through IVF!

Find an Event (

You can find an event in your area, or virtually, to join the conversation and help end the stigma surrounding infertility.

Stories of Infertility (

From single parenthood to secondary infertility, the stories of infertility and those going through infertility are powerful, unique and inspiring. Resolve as gathered quite a few, we hope you find some that help you feel more empowered, understood and accepted.

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