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Infertility is expensive.
Here are some financial tips.

It's true that the cost is unpredictable and different for each person. The cost is also usually more than you think. Consult your health insurance plan, or HR professional at work, to learn if you are covered. 

We do recommend being conservative with how much you expect to spend. 


Also, be prepared to spend a lot in one day. For example, with IVF, you may need to pay $13,000 for one cycle at the clinic's cashier, then on your way home pick up your cycle medications and spend another $4,500. Some credit cards have $10,000 per day maximums, so plan ahead to have cash or credit available to pay, on the spot.

We've collected national average costs for you, so you have a better idea what to expect. These costs are before any insurance benefit.


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Egg Freezing

To optimize the chances of getting pregnant in the future, many women choose to undergo multiple cycles in order to freeze more eggs. The average cost of one cycle is $13,000, including prescriptions; therefore many women spend well over $20,000 to egg freeze. Some clinics do offer discounted rates for multiple cycles. 


Also, check with your HR department.  More and more large companies are offering egg freezing benefits to their employees.


The average cost per cycle is $25,000, including prescriptions. The national average is 2.3 cycles per person. So the total spent on average for IVF is close to $60,000. More cycles will increase the cost further.

Be wary of advertisements that state the cost being approximately $13,000. That is likely only the cost of one cycle, excluding prescriptions, some tests, and other common aspects like using donor eggs.


Private adoption can cost $40,000 or more, when you factor in agency and legal fees.


Surrogacy can cost upwards of $130,000, to cover agency, surrogate and legal fees, insurance , medical and living expenses for the surrogate.

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Need help affording it? EggFund offers affordable fertility loans.

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