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Carmela's Corner: 4/8

Everyone’s journey with infertility is unique, however, there are often threads that tie the experience together. It’s one of the aspects of the infertility community that makes it so unique and special - no matter the root of your infertility: your dream of growing your family is the same. This week I want to focus on three of the main pain points of infertility: the physical, the mental and the financial.

We teamed up with endometriosis advocate, April Christina, to shine a light on the ways endometriosis impacts your fertility. We greatly appreciate her candor and vulnerability in the way she shared her journey.

First and foremost, let me reiterate what is stated in this article: Depression does not cause infertility. This article dives into the way infertility may impact your already existing depression and mental health struggles. I think it is a worthwhile read and may be of help to those who are currently going through infertility, mental health struggles or both.

My journey to founding EggFund started with infertility. It started with spending nearly $100,000 on treatments, only to walk away believing motherhood was not in my future. After getting pregnant spontaneously at 45, I know how fortunate I am to have been proven wrong and aim everyday to help make the path to parenthood easier for everyone.

In health,

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