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Carmela's Corner: 2/18

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope your week has been filled with love and support, romantically or otherwise. This week was a bit lighter on news, but I wanted to send out a few worthwhile links to read and listen to as part of this week’s Carmela’s Corner. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions as to what we should share more of.

PCOS and insulin resistance is a common topic when it comes to female factor infertility, however, the relation between insulin resistance and male factor infertility is not often brought up. Until now. While more research is needed, this study gives some insight into the relation between the two.

As I stated above, this week has been relatively light on news relating to the world of infertility, but one topic we always like to go back to is a discussion of common causes of infertility and how - if needed - you can afford treatment.

From the Progeny website: “Frustration, confusion, and disappointment may be common feelings when going through a family building journey. But to have those feelings directed towards your physician is entirely different. For Delaine Williams, she felt dismissed by her doctor and the weight and reality of navigating the healthcare system as a Black woman became a bigger challenge.” We definitely think this is worth your time.

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