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Carmela's Corner: 4/1/22

Sorry I missed last week, sometimes life gets away from you. But we are back and ready for an exciting month including National Infertility Awareness Week and so much more!

Through My Eyes (MedicalNewsToday)

As March turns to April, I didn’t want to move on straight away from Endometriosis awareness month without sharing an article that caught my eye this week. Endometriosis is difficult to diagnosis and for those in marginalized communities, there can be additional obstacles.

I mentioned National Infertility Awareness Week above and then realize it might not be familiar to all those in our audience. Each year, RESOLVE plans a week full of amazing stories, events and more to increase awareness and change the conversation a bit about infertility.

Thank you to former Miss USA, Susie Castillo for opening up about her heartbreaking infertility journey. While sharing your story so openly isn’t for everyone (and that’s 100% okay!), the more we talk about infertility the more infertility is discussed and the stigma and tabu around the topic can slowly dissipate.

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