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Carmela's Corner: 3/4

This week marks the start of Endometriosis Awareness month. If you don’t know, endo impacts roughly 1 in 10 people with uteruses in America and over 176 million worldwide (according to I wanted to focus this week on endo, what it is like living with the disease and what research is going on surrounding this disease.

Endometriosis has been recognized as a medical condition since 1920, however, studies have only recently started to help find treatments and cures for this debilitating disease. This UK-based article explores the reasons behind that and how we can work to improve the way Endo is treated.

According to this article, both endo and heart disease are disorders of inflammation - though the connection between the two have not yet been studied. The researchers at Penn State are looking to change that. While this might sound like a dense article, it is actually quite easy to digest.

Traveling with Endo (USA Today)

For the millions of people who suffer from Endo, all aspects of their lives are impacted, that includes travel. One endo sufferer highlights her experience and how her diagnosis and symptoms impact her and her family.

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