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Carmela's Corner: 2/4/22

Welcome to Carmela’s Corner, I’m Carmela founder and CEO of EggFund. With so much content flowing past our eyes, it can be hard to pinpoint what is worth reading, watching or listening to on any given day so I decided to create this small corner of the internet where I shine a light on a few bits of content that I found interesting, helpful or inspirational that week!

A recent study, which provided poor mothers with cash stipends for the first year of their child’s lives, claims that it changed the way babies’ brains functions in positive ways, possibly changing the conversation about an increased social safety net in the United States.

In this opinion piece, Elizabeth Carr, who was the first baby b orn following IVF in the United States, talks about the role that the commonwealth of Virginia played in allowing that to be possible - 40 years ago, there were limited options for where to get treatment. While the number of clinics and states where IVF is available, the issue is not cost of care. In this well-written opinion piece, Carr talks about how it is time for Virginia to take another step in helping families grow.

At Home Insemination (Stork’d Podcast)

There are many routes to creating and growing the family of your dreams, in this episode of the Stork’d podcast, host, Julia Karol, talks to one woman about her and her wife’s path to at-home insemination using donor sperm. They cover everything from how to pick your donor to the intimacy of at-home insemination.


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