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Carmela's Corner: 2/25

I recently listened to this podcast about Constance Baker Motley, the litigator of Brown v. The Board of Education. Constance was the first Black woman to argue before the Supreme Court, and represented MLK, yet few people know her name. Below are some interesting works about Constance Baker Motley and other women of color whose names have been lost to history.

The podcast that inspired this post and while it’s not about infertility, I definitely think it is worth a listen and reflection.

Henrietta Lacks was a Black woman who unknowingly donated cells to Johns Hopkins in 1951. Her cells, known as HeLa cells, have contributed to some of history's biggest medical tools and improvements, such as the COVID-19 vaccines. I know a book is a lot to suggest, you can also learn more about Henrietta Lacks here.

While not entirely comprehensive, this list highlights some additional names we think it’s important to know and talk about.

Who do you have atop your names of folks who were forgotten to history?

Thanks for stopping by!

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