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Carmela's Corner 1/28

Welcome back!

For those who might be new here, I am Carmela Rea, founder and CEO of EggFund. Each Friday I am going to pop into my little corner of the internet with a roundup of a few links - related to fertility or finance - that I found helpful or interesting that week. Here’s what I thought worth your time from this week:

It’s more than understandable that for those of us who are going through or have gone through infertility, the idea of doing something that might cause additional complications is a bit off-putting. But we’re here with some GOOD news! Two recent studies into the topic state that getting the COVID-19 vaccine WILL NOT impact your ability to get pregnant. You can read more about the studies on Huffington Post!

Male Infertility and De Novo Cells (New Castle University)

A breakthrough in understanding male infertility may have recently been discovered leading to hope of new treatments! Male infertility accounts for 50% of all infertility cases, so this is a substantial step forward in solving infertility for millions of people.

This is more of a general podcast suggestion than a specific episode. The Fertility Podcast, hosted by Natalie Silverman, goes into all topics related to infertility with interviews with experts ranging from mental health to talking to your employer about coverage. While many experts are based in the UK, the podcast as a whole is universal.

See you next week!

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