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Our Story: We know it. Our Founder went through it
EggFund was founded by an infertility sufferer, who experienced first hand the high cost and stress of treatment. And the high cost of having  a baby. Her mission to make  the process more affordable and less stressful for those who came after her, led to the creation of EggFund.   
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Infertility: Is Expensive
Usually, the total cost is not clear. Find out more about national average costs for IVF, egg freezing, adoption and surrogacy.
.....And so is having a baby
The average cost for a vaginal birth in the US is about $10,000. Depending on where you live.  About 30% of women have a C-Section, which costs considerably more.  But that doesn't include all of the baby things you need to buy, fitting out the nursery, and care before or after the baby arrives.

At EggFund, we encourage prospective parents to save as much as they can first. The luxury stroller is a luxury, not a necessity. Though having a baby usually costs more than you think, particularly as the medical bills roll in after your bundle of joy is born. Our suggestion, prioritizing the health and welfare of a newborn is important.  Getting a new $40,000 SUV to bring your baby home in, is secondary.