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Welcome to the EggFund Payment Plan
An easy fertility layaway plan. Yup.

Use with any doctor, clinic, agency & pharmacy

How Does it Work?

  • Quick and simple application

  • See Plan options with no credit score impact

  • Fixed monthly payments

  • 600 minimum FICO score

  • $250,000 maximum plan amount

  • ​24 to 48 month terms

  • Get funded in 2 weeks ​

Here's An Example

  • $20,000 for IVF

  • 48 month term @ $556/month

  • $200 (1%) deposit from you

  • $800 (4%) processing fee

  • $20,600 total plan amount

  • ​Varies based on credit score & amount requested

Let's get started. Tell us a bit about you. Please fill in each box and click Apply Now!
Applicant Information
Co-Applicant Information. Not required, but helps getting approved 
Please Read These Disclosures. ?????
EggFund is not a direct lender. We may be compensated by our partners through links on this site.
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